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Offer more, increase revenues

Be empowered to offer a full suite of Internet marketing products to your clients and it'll pay off. With Clicks Online Marketing you can add Search Engine Optimization (SEO), WordPress Web development - even WordPress e-commerce and content creation to your list of services. These are marketing tools your clients need. We do the work, you bring in the profits.

How it works

Our simple system works for YOUR business. In short, you sell the WordPress sites, SEO or Internet marketing service, we invoice you, you invoice your client, at whatever markup you like. It starts with a meeting, in person, online or by phone, where we get to know each other and our businesses - a personalized approach, so you feel confident in who is handling your client projects.

Our Track Record

We've serviced clients with Internet Marketing & Web development services who have only great things to say about us. We're honest, and we don't surprise you with hidden costs. You get what's expected, and we're clear from the start about a project's scope. Our transparency avoids confusion, and educates YOU on what we do, so you know what goes on behind the curtain.

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As graphic designers, marketers, PR companies and technology service providers, Clicks Online Marketing steps up YOUR game.

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